Welcome to Whitfield St James’ CE (VC) Primary School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

This is a child centred school and the staff are caring and compassionate individuals
with a genuine desire to develop and provide the best opportunities for the pupils.
Every pupil has the ability to excel and it is our privilege to help them achieve this.
Our pupils have the right to best quality education in all areas and we will continue to
strive to provide the opportunities to allow your children to develop into independent
learners. The world is changing and the jobs market becoming more diverse and
competitive and we have a duty to prepare our next generation for jobs that may not
yet exist.

There is a strong sense of community and developing links with the local area and
parents is an area I feel very strongly about.  I am very much looking forward to
working with you all over the coming year. I will try to be on the playground both
before and after school and please feel free to come and talk to me and if you would
like to talk privately, we can arrange a meeting. Please contact the school if you
have any questions or worries.

Craig Woodward

Update 23/10/2020 and Parents Evening

Dear Pupils, Parents and Guardians,  We are at half term already and time has gone very quickly. This has been a very different start to the year but it has been  hugely positive. The atmosphere in school has been wonderful and I am very proud of all of our pupils. They have settled in well …

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Y4/5/6 Daisies and Honeysuckle Stargazers Wow Day 02.11.2020

On Monday 2nd November, children in Mrs Collins and Mr Doyle’s class are invited to come into school dressed in space themed clothing. They could be in all black like the night sky, covered in stars, planets or dressed as an alien or astronaut ! We will learning about all sorts of things about stars …

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Y6 Wildflowers Mexican Wow Day 02.11.2020

On Monday 2nd November, children in Mr Ford’s class are invited to come into school dressed in traditional Mexican dress or to come into school in bright colours. We will be setting off on a magical (virtual) tour of Mexico! We will start to learn about the amazing vibrant colours and culture of Mexico. During …

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School Photographs Tuesday 03/11/2020

School photographs will take place on Tuesday 3rd November 2020. There will be some changes to keep the staff and children safe.  The proofs will be sent home by school and all orders and payments will be done online.. The children will be standing, rather than sitting.  Siblings will have their picture taken but only …

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Light Magazine Tanzania Trust

Light magazine Tanzania trust page website

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Harvest donations for the Grace Kitchen

I can’t thank you all enough for your donations today, it was overwhelming. All donations will be distributed locally, through the Grace kitchen and will support local families. 

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