Welcome to Whitfield St James’ CE (VC) Primary School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

This is a child centred school and the staff are caring and compassionate individuals
with a genuine desire to develop and provide the best opportunities for the pupils.
Every pupil has the ability to excel and it is our privilege to help them achieve this.
Our pupils have the right to best quality education in all areas and we will continue to
strive to provide the opportunities to allow your children to develop into independent
learners. The world is changing and the jobs market becoming more diverse and
competitive and we have a duty to prepare our next generation for jobs that may not
yet exist.

There is a strong sense of community and developing links with the local area and
parents is an area I feel very strongly about.  I am very much looking forward to
working with you all over the coming year. I will try to be on the playground both
before and after school and please feel free to come and talk to me and if you would
like to talk privately, we can arrange a meeting. Please contact the school if you
have any questions or worries.

Craig Woodward

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards We have been asked whether children can bring in Christmas cards for other pupils. The answer is yes, but we will have to quarantine them for 72 hours between each step. We’ll therefore have a Christmas post box/tray in each classroom. Children may bring cards in during the week beginning 30th November and be placed into the postbox/tray. The last date for …

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Update 11/11/2020

Good evening,  We were doing very well and we were all hoping that we would not have any confirmed cases of Covid 19 in school. However, this was not to be and we have been instructed by the DFE to close Mrs Fletcher’s class and the staff and pupils will need to isolate until 21/11/2020 …

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Update 06/11/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,  I would like to thank you all for making our first week back really positive and it has been lovely to see everyone at the gate . With the start of another national lockdown, I know this is an anxious time for everyone. We are shielding the children from this pandemic …

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Children and young people’s mental health course

This is a children and young people’s mental health course fully funded by the government. Please read the details below and see the information leaflet. You can sign up on the link below but there is a charge of £150 if you don’t finish the course without a genuine reason.    Children and young peoples …

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Letter from the Director of Public Health.

Please see attached  a letter from the Director of Public Health. Letter for Parents and Carers Director of Public Health

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Aloe Vera and Forget me nots Y3/4 (Miss Graham and Miss Weir) Wow Day Wednesday 4th November

Our new topics are all about the Romans! For our WOW day, please can the children bring a tunic/Toga style outfit to wear on Wednesday 4th November (over the top of their uniform).

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