Welcome to Whitfield St James’ CE (VC) Primary School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

This is a child centred school and the staff are caring and compassionate individuals
with a genuine desire to develop and provide the best opportunities for the pupils.
Every pupil has the ability to excel and it is our privilege to help them achieve this.
Our pupils have the right to best quality education in all areas and we will continue to
strive to provide the opportunities to allow your children to develop into independent
learners. The world is changing and the jobs market becoming more diverse and
competitive and we have a duty to prepare our next generation for jobs that may not
yet exist.

There is a strong sense of community and developing links with the local area and
parents is an area I feel very strongly about.  I am very much looking forward to
working with you all over the coming year. I will try to be on the playground both
before and after school and please feel free to come and talk to me and if you would
like to talk privately, we can arrange a meeting. Please contact the school if you
have any questions or worries.

Craig Woodward

PTA donation and non-uniform day

Friday 19th November is the PTA non-uniform day. All pupils can wear non-uniform and bring in an optional donation and some suggestions are listed below.  Nursery, Reception, & KS1 (Yr1 & Y2) – Christmas items. This can be anything associated with Christmas including: Christmas cards, baubles, wrapping paper, Christmas napkins, crackers, Christmas treats, including chocolates, biscuits, …

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PTA Hamper Raffle

Thank you all for the fantastic donations for the hampers. Have a look at the pictures, the hampers are really good and Mrs Rimmer has worked really hard to put them together.  Friday 19th November is another non-uniform and donation day and there will be more hampers made from these donation.  Shepley’s Butchers are also …

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Bantama School update and thank you video

These are the first two desks for which we fundraised, for the school in rural Bantama village, Ghana. They were made by a carpenter in Kumasi approx 120 miles from Bantama. There are 100 desks and chairs for children plus four for teachers. They were transported by a truck which came down from Bantama to get them. Because the roads are narrow (only two carriageways, one going north and the other south) the journey takes 5 hours each way. The furniture was stacked in parts in the truck,  and is being made up on site.  The carpenter came up with the load and will work on assembling  the desks & chairs over the next few days, then he will return to Kumasi by public transport. The next thing is raising money to buy the teaching materials for the children (books, etc.), get the bookcases made up, then get in the inspectors (Ghana’s OFSTED!), then the school is ready to be opened.

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Girl’s Football Team 11/11/2021

Well done to the Girl’s football team. They competed for the first time yesterday and did really well.  Thank you to Mr Hannan and Miss Horrocks for organising the event.  Mr Woodward

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Remembrance Day 11/11/2021

I was very proud of all of our children today during our 2 minutes silence at 11am for Remembrance Day. You can see from the pictures that classes have worked really hard in learning about remembrance day.  Mr Woodward    Last Post

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