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Mar 26

Sammy and Indie make it to the papers

Thank you Sammy and Indie, we are all very proud of you and what you have done.

Feb 12

Gold Treat February 2020

A very well done to everyone who got the gold treat this half term. Getting five  golds or more is a huge achievement and I am very proud of all of you.  This time, we had a very special guest, Shaun Hennessy, a professional actor who did a fantastic workshop. The pupils really enjoyed it …

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Feb 07

Hot Chocolate, Cakes and Clothes Feb 2020

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed a hot chocolate, cakes and took away bags of clothes.       

Jan 27

Kinetic Theatre – Light Fantastic – 27/01/2020

The pupils and staff had a fantastic time at the light fantastic show this morning. The pupils learnt a lot about light and space.   

Dec 20

Lights Camel Action Part 2 – Dec 2019

The play was great and the pupils enjoyed it. Thank you to all parents and friends of our school for supporting us and providing an audience.  Please find the pictures below.  Unfortunately, one of the video files has corrupted and I can’t upload the video. But the pictures are great. 

Dec 19

Christmas Service 19/12/19

The feedback from the Christmas service is that it is getting better, year on year and I would agree. Thank you to all of our musicians, professional musicians, Mrs Collins and Mrs Mackey for putting together a great service. 

Dec 19

Spring Rolls – Gold treat for Mrs Mackey’s and Mr Doyle’s class.

Congratulations to the pupils who got 5 or more golds, we are all very proud of you.  Thank you to Mrs Vikas who came in and made prawn crackers and spring rolls. Don’t panic, we will get to the other classes after Christmas. 

Dec 19

Choir Singing at the Rising Dec 2019

A big thank you to our choir for singing at the Risings nursing home and  Mrs Collins and Mr Jones who made it happen.   

Dec 19

Choir singing at Norfolk Square 18/12/19

Thank you to our fantastic choir for being outstanding ambassadors of our school and Mrs Collins for putting so much time and effort into our choir. 

Dec 19

Clothing and Books Giveaway 18/12/19

Thank you to the PTA and parents for supporting this fantastic event. Many books and clothes went to good homes.