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Dear parents / carers, 

As you may be aware the government have made the decision to close all schools for most pupils in England for the foreseeable future. They have been clear that this serious measure has been taken to slow the spread of Covid 19 by reducing the number of people needing to travel and this is vital in keeping people well.

The government has made it clear that parents should keep their children at home wherever possible and has asked schools to remain open only for those children that absolutely need to attend. This is expected to be around 10% of the school population.

The government have issued the list of those eligible today and for any children at our provision will be provided by our staff but at Simmondley Primary School from 9am – 3:30pm. The government have issued the list of those eligible today which includes: Health and Social Care, Education and Child Care, Key Public Services, Local and National Government, Food and other necessary goods, Public Safety and National Security, Transport, Utilities, Communication and financial services.

Simmondley Primary School (SPS) will be acting as a Hub for SPS children and for St James’ Whitfield C of E Primary School children. Staff from St James’ Whitfield will be co-working with SPS staff to facilitate this.

In order for the SPS Hub to stay open until further notice, with small numbers of children and a skeletal staff, our priorities for allocating a place at school are as follows:

  1. Both parents or a single parent having Critical Key Worker status.
  2. One parent in the home who is a Critical Key Worker.

Please make sure you have already checked with your employer that your role is necessary for the continuation of the public service you are involved in.

The staff at Simmondley are lovely and we are very grateful that we can use their school. We will provide a hot lunch for the children at Simmondley and be assured they will be well looked after and kept busy. A carousel of activities will be set up and our staff will be there as well.

Simmondley contact details – 01457 852721

Headteacher – Debbie Greaves

Pennine Rd, Glossop SK13 6NN

How to apply for a school place if you have Critical Key Worker Status and it is absolutely necessary for you to send your child to school.

Children need to wear their uniform as normal. 

Send an email to from your official work email address. If this is not possible, please provide your information on company letter headed paper or a photo/copy of your ID badge. We apologise that it is necessary to ask for this, but the government are very clear about school remaining open only to support those key workers. PLEASE LET US HAVE THIS INFORMATION BY 3:30PM TODAY (20.3.20) For SPS families who have already done this, please DO NOT resend as these have been logged.

School Dinners

A hot lunch will be available for all the children at SPS Hub and be assured that they will be well looked after and kept busy. A carousel of activities will be set up by staff from both schools.

Free School Meals

Appointments will be set up for parents to collect lunch vouchers for those who are eligible for free school meals and in receipt Pupil Premium, (not to be confused with the Universal Free School Meal offer from YR to Y2), at the school office at SPS on a weekly basis, initially, to avoid unnecessary travel. These appointments will be staggered to enable social distancing.

This is an unsettling time for everyone but I would like to thank everyone in our school community for the way every single person has worked together. Please take care of yourselves and each other. We will beat this virus if we follow government advice.

Kind regards


Craig Woodward


Please notify school immediately if anyone who has had contact with anyone in school  who has had a confirmed case of Coronavirus. 

Please see the link below for advice the coronavirus from the website. This website  will be updated daily at 2pm until further notice. 

Headteacher Letter Coronavirus 14 03 2020

Protected: The coronavirus explained and what we should do.

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