Jan 17

Termly Assessment Reports

Parental support in our school is great and many parents  have asked through the parent questionnaire that we share assessment information more regularly than the two parents evening and end of year report. Previously, the school sent a report card out every half term about progress and effort. We have adapted this proforma with the help of parents, governors and staff in school using our assessment system. 

This is the first time data has been shared with all parents in this format and the system will take some getting used to. There will be a meeting in the next term to explain this further and more information on the website. I will also create a Q&A page as questions get asked.

Children are expected to be working within their year group objectives. However, children develop and progress differently and pupils need to be taught at their level. 

To assess your child, we use a combination of testing to see what they can apply and teacher assessment.

Throughout the term, teachers have been planning and assessing your child’s learning against a series of age-related learning objectives linked to the national curriculum.


Year Group objectives
B B+ W W+ S S+
Below Below + Within Within + Secure Secure +
      Age related in July   Above age related in July


By the end of the academic year (Sum 2), pupils are expected to be W+ on their year group objectives for Reading, Writing, SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and Maths. Therefore, if they are working on the year group objectives below their year group or at B or B+, it isn’t anything to worry about. This assessment is one term (Autumn term) and there are 2 more terms to cover the year group objectives and make progress.


Pupils on track by term


Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
4S 4S+ 5B 5B+ 5W 5W+


A pupil working at S and S+ on their year group objectives is working at greater depth and working above age related expectation in sum 2.

Dec 20

Lights Camel Action Part 2 – Dec 2019

The play was great and the pupils enjoyed it. Thank you to all parents and friends of our school for supporting us and providing an audience. 

Please find the pictures below. 

Unfortunately, one of the video files has corrupted and I can’t upload the video. But the pictures are great. 

Dec 19

Christmas Service 19/12/19

The feedback from the Christmas service is that it is getting better, year on year and I would agree. Thank you to all of our musicians, professional musicians, Mrs Collins and Mrs Mackey for putting together a great service. 

Dec 19

Spring Rolls – Gold treat for Mrs Mackey’s and Mr Doyle’s class.

Congratulations to the pupils who got 5 or more golds, we are all very proud of you. 

Thank you to Mrs Vikas who came in and made prawn crackers and spring rolls.

Don’t panic, we will get to the other classes after Christmas. 

Dec 19

Choir Singing at the Rising Dec 2019

A big thank you to our choir for singing at the Risings nursing home and  Mrs Collins and Mr Jones who made it happen. 

Dec 19

Choir singing at Norfolk Square 18/12/19

Thank you to our fantastic choir for being outstanding ambassadors of our school and Mrs Collins for putting so much time and effort into our choir. 

Dec 19

Clothing and Books Giveaway 18/12/19

Thank you to the PTA and parents for supporting this fantastic event. Many books and clothes went to good homes. 

Dec 18

Singing at Tesco!

Our choir, led by Mrs Collins, went to sing at Tesco this morning. They sang beautifully and had the whole of Glossop clapping and cheering them on. 

They also raised lots of money … watch this space for the grand total!


Dec 10

Whitfield Christmas Lantern Parade Saturday 14th December

Come along to Whitfield Lantern Parade!

Date: Saturday 14th December

4-5pm lanterns on sale at St Mary’s school

5pm parade to Pure Vibes, Ebenezer street via Wood St & Freetown

6pm Carols around the tree with Old Glossop Band

Stalls of sweets, cakes and gifts, refreshments and a special visitor!

Finishes at 8pm


Nov 27

Whole School Chester Zoo Trip 26/11/19

We all had a fantastic time at Chester Zoo and all will have memories to treasure.