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Pupil Premium



Pupil premium strategy statement      

School overview

Metric Data
 School name Whitfield St James CE (VC) Primary School
Pupils in school 298
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils 22%
Pupil premium allocation this academic year £86,960 (Current expenditure £81,400)
Academic year or years covered by statement 2019-2020
Publish date November 2019
Review date September 2020
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Pupil premium lead Leo Ford
Governor lead Simon Watts

Disadvantaged pupil progress scores for last academic year

Measure Score Previous year


Reading -3.3 -0.47
Writing -7.3 -1.66
Maths -6.1 -5.39

Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils

Measure Score
Meeting expected standard at KS2 28.6%
Achieving high standard at KS2 0%


Measure Activity
Priority 1 Ensuring the Teaching of Mastery is embedded across the school – working with Maths Hub and Derbyshire County Council Maths Hub
Priority 2 Ensuring that all staff have received training on the curriculum and how to deliver writing effectively.
Priority 3 Update and purchase new books/guided reading resources to encourage reading and developing skills.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Developing differentiation through challenge and support, closing the gap with skills and knowledge across the subjects.
Projected spending Maths resources – Maths Hub – £3000/TTRockstars £200/CGP – £1200 Training £5000

Curriculum resources – £6000 + resourcing/training £2000

Reading resources – £2000

Writing resources – £3000

Training/cover costs – £8000

Monitoring/assessment time – £3000



Teaching priorities for current academic year

Aim Target – Aspirational Target date
Progress in Reading Achieve national average progress scores in KS2 Reading (0) September 2020.
Progress in Writing Achieve the national average progress scores in KS2 Writing September 2020.
Progress in Mathematics Achieve the national average progress scores in KS2 Maths. September 2020.
Phonics To achieve above the national average of 82% July 2019

Targeted academic support for current academic year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Establish small group maths interventions and resources for disadvantaged pupils falling behind age-related expectations across all year groups.
Priority 2 Targeted support for children in Reception/Y1 to reach expected standard in Phonics.
Priority 3 Targeted support across the school to reach writing expectations.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Closing the gap in maths and phonic skills, knowledge and application ensuring children are achieving the expected standard.
Projected spending Phonic/Early reading resources/training/delivery – £5000

Maths resources/training/delivery – £3500 + boosters £7000

Writing resources/training/delivery – £2500


Wider strategies for current academic year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Further embed and publicise our ‘Rise and Shine’ Breakfast Club provision for disadvantaged children.
Priority 2 Continue to provide nurture provision to pupils – through ‘Jungle Group’, peer massage, Lego therapy and other interventions.
Priority 3 Ensure all pupils have access to wider curriculum opportunities (cultural capital).
Barriers to learning these priorities address Improving attendance and creating a welcoming atmosphere for our disadvantaged pupils. To enable to children to be ready to learn, have positive self-esteem and image and provide them with opportunities that they may not have experienced.
Projected spending Rise and Shine staffing and food – £9000

Nurture staffing and resources – £11,000

Intervention/staffing/resources/accessing behaviour support/Educational Psychologist – £10,000


Monitoring and Implementation

Area Challenge Mitigating action
Teaching Time to implement new schemes and further embed those introduced last year Provide INSET training for all staff and provide training and support throughout the year. Provide additional cover to support staff and SLT.
Targeted support Ensuring staff confidence and training opportunities in the locality Deliver in-house or cluster training where none is provided locally. Ensure preparation time is included in allocated time.
Wider strategies Engaging families facing challenging lifestyles. Working closely with families, focusing on attendance and well-being. Providing initial support for those families to ensure that their children are in school.

Review: last year’s aims and outcomes

Aim Outcome
Maths Progress Worsening results compared to the year before. As a result, further work needed on maths skills, knowledge and application needed in this academic year. Focus on arithmetic and reasoning skills using Maths Hub and white rose resources for consistency and challenge.
Achieving the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing and Maths Similar to previous year, need to continue to embed changes started last year with an emphasis on writing as this was an area that needs further development.
Nurture/Rise and Shine – Readiness to learn This is a qualitative measure but all children who took part and attended either Nurture or Rise and Shine showed a greater readiness for learning, enabling them to come into school and access the curriculum – persistent absences and attendance of disadvantaged pupils improved over the year.